Stay At Home Program

Total Health 60 Point Blood Analysis, Hormonal Testing, GI Pathogen Testing, Toxic Metals Testing,  Teaching/Coaching, SEMB™ and Basic Products

This program was designed for those who want to get started on a powerful at home program to transform their total health because they unable to come to Total Health Institute for treatment.

Stay at Home Program includes:

 1.  Total Health 60 Point Blood Analysis with personalized report $530
 2.  Hormonal Testing  $498

 3.  GI Pathogen Testing  $534
 4.  Toxic Metals Testing $242
 5.  Quantum Analysis $400
 6.  Quantum Testing Unit $475
 7.  SEMB ™ (first month) $63
 8.  BEMS ™ (first month) $80

One bottle of each of the following:

 9.  Supreme Food  $39
10. Essential Cofactors  $65
11. Cell Life  $59
12. Total Health EPA/DHA  $64
13. Enzymes  $40 per bottle
14. Total Health Probiotic  $70
15. Oxygen Drops  $120

And our most powerful teachings:

 1.  Seven Basic Steps to Total Health™ CD series$220
 2.  Seven Basic Steps to Total Health™ Study Guide$22
 3.  How to Know You Are Healed CD Collection$220
 4.  Seven Stages of Energetic Healing–The River of Life CD series $231
 5.  The “How To” CD series- $72
 6.  Total Health = Wholeness A Body, Mind, & Spirit Manual -$15.95

Two private phone consulting sessions – $400

Total cost of the Stay at Home Program: $4569

Stay at Home Program includes two consulting calls. These calls are private consulting by phone to customize an approach that meets your needs and answers your questions.   During the consulting time you will receive the answers your questions and then be given a “total health” plan of action to do before the next consulting session.  

Call 630-871-0000 and one of our health associates will call you back to see which program is best for you.

Any Questions? We Are Here To Address Them.
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