Cellular Immune Response


Cellular Immune Response has been proven to activate NK cells, awakening them from their “sleep” and readying them to destroy harmful invaders.



(a must for disease prevention and reversal)

Cellular Immune Response Provides Critical Immune Support Breakthrough research on the ingredients in Cellular Immune Response was published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, demonstrating for the first time Cellular Immune Response dramatic immune enhancing actions. It is the first study to demonstrate Cellular Immune Responseselective ability to provide powerful immune support against unhealthy cells using human blood samples. Cellular Immune Response outperformed other known immune enhancing agents, such as medicinal mushrooms, in a dose dependent manner. This means that the higher the dose of Cellular Immune Response, the more powerful its ability to support the immune system in identifying and destroying harmful invaders and unhealthy cells. Researchers at and the United States Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Resource Services (USDA-ARS) found that, due to its unique molecular structure, the ingredients in Cellular Immune Response induced an increase in the most powerful immune cells — T-cytotoxic cells and Natural Killer (NK) cells — as compared to the control groups. Furthermore, researchers demonstrated that Cellular Immune Response promoted a 53.6 % increase in the activated NK-cells’ functional ability to identify and destroy unhealthy human blood cells in a four hour assay measuring cytotoxicity (the death of unhealthy cells).

What this Means for Your Immune System

Cellular Immune Response has been proven to activate NK cells, awakening them from their “sleep” and readying them to destroy harmful invaders. The findings of this study prove that Cellular Immune Response exerted a truly dramatic 10 fold increase in NK cell activation, greater than the positive control group. But that’s not all. Once the NK cells were activated, Cellular Immune Response was also proven to increase their functional ability specifically against unhealthy cells by a dramatic 53.6 %. Peer-reviewed data from major universities, including Columbia University and Indiana University, demonstrates the powerful cellular support offered by the ingredients in Cellular Immune Response, the only naturally-derived compound proven to bind to and block Galectin-3. Galectin-3 is a protein molecule that occurs naturally in the body in small amounts, but numerous studies have shown that excess Galectin-3 directly promotes the growth and spread of unhealthy cells, like cancer cells. Cellular Immune Response ability to bind and block this protein results in the suppression of unhealthy cell growth (cancer cell growth). Cellular Immune Response enters the blood stream where it binds and blocks Galectin-3’s harmful effects throughout the body. Clinical studies also show that the ingredients in Cellular Immune Response are also effective in safely and gently removing dangerous toxic metals from the body.

Its powerful immune supporting actions, ability to effectively block harmful excess Galectin-3 molecules, and its safe and effective removal of heavy metals make Cellular Immune Response one of the most important dietary supplements for maintaining cellular health and immune function. The dose is 3 scoops a day, 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon in water (on an empty stomach) usually warm water helps it dissolve.