We finally (after over ten years of research) are now able to bring the ultimate brain, mind, heart, body treatment into THI. This treatment will be our most powerful ever! It balances the brain, the mind, the heart and all systems of the body at the same time! This is the treatment to help resolve the most chronic health issues. Remember brain and mind rule over the body and heart rules over the brain and mind. This therapy balances all of them simultaneously.  This treatment is the way to overcome any mental/emotional blockage along with bringing your physical healing to the highest level.

How to Heal at the Highest Level with Heart/Brain Entrainment Therapy

  1.  Balance Your Brain- Heart/Brain Entrainment Therapy
  2.  Balance Your Mind- by renewing your mind with Truth instead of facts and lies. Living fully in the moment and separating from fear and doubt and with Heart/Brain Entrainment Therapy
  3. Balance Your Heart- by following the Truth God has placed in your heart and by knowing your purpose and following it. Also by Heart/Brain Entrainment Therapy
  4. Balance Your Body- 7 Basic Steps lifestyle along with balancing the big four systems with treatment and therapy- Nervous, Hormonal, Digestive and Eliminative

You will have an initial Brain Map exam performed. This shows all the areas of imbalance in the brain. Each session your brain is entraining to the customized frequency pattern generated from the computer program off your Brain Map.  Your brain/mind/heart/body are balanced progressively over the course of treatment so they enters a state of balance or harmony called coherence.


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