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Total Health Member Call 0007

Dr. Nemec addresses the question of healing cancer vs. killing cancer and combining a healing alternative approach with a conventional killing approach. How they integrate together -- hence the name integrative medicine -- using the best of both worlds to restore...

Total Health Member Call 0006

Dr. Nemec discusses these patient questions: - Why is there not a cure for cancer yet?- I was feeling great on the program until I went to a family gathering. Afterward I was totally drained and felt physically sick for over 2 weeks. Why is this so?

Total Health Member Call 0005

Dr. Nemec discusses the three most important things to do to heal from cancer, sugar level handling during cancer, and addresses the issue of animal protein vs. plant protein.

Total Health Member Call 0004

Dr. Nemec discusses best diet for health, particularly what to avoid and why they promote disease.  Also covered:  how the Seven Basic Steps alone are not sufficient to avoid disease.  Mind and emotions, diet, toxins, and the Seven Basic Steps are all vital to health....

Total Health Member Call 0003

Main topic covered:  the best diet to heal cancer and all disease, which is the same diet to reduce inflammation, provide nutrients, enzymes, and biophotons.  Ideal diet is reviewed in detail, including how to prepare to preserve the full value of the plant-based...

Total Health Member Call 0002

Dr. Nemec covers the basics of how the member calls operate and then goes into an extremely vital concept of healing. The amounts the physical, mental, and spiritual contribute to health and healing.                                                                    ...

Total Health Member Call 0001

This is an introduction where Dr. Nemec goes over the membership call program. Health and healing is changing in body mind and spirit. It’s not just changing your diet or improving one or two aspects of your health but instead completely changing into an all new you.