Treatment and Teaching

Total Health Institute is an Alternative Treatment and Teaching Facility. We offer 6 ways people can restore their total health:

  1. Total Health Institute’s outpatient (come and go) treatments and teaching
  2. Total Health Institutes Inpatient Program: Comprehensive Treatment/Teaching
  3. Total Health Spa is open to the public
  4. Total Health Disease Prevention Program
  5. Stay at Home Program                                                                                 
  6. Total Health Institute Store/Products      

Total Health Institutes has and Inpatient  Program so that you can go to your highest level of health.

Comprehensive Treatment/Teaching Program

 This is for those who want to get away and do the ultimate to heal or to maintain health of their body, mind and emotions.


Why do people come from around the country and around the world to THI to restore their total health?

1. Comprehensive testing

2. Medical staff with an alternative healing approach

3. Most advanced alternative treatments and therapies

4. Detoxification Center

5. Inpatient facility

6. Up to date research

7. Teaching facility

Basic Understandings of Healing

Cause and Effect

  • Sickness and disease do not just happen.  It is always a cause and effect relationship even though you might not know all the causes.
  • Every cell in your body is replaced in 1 year- if you plant the right seeds of total health today you can reap the harvest of total health 1 year from now.

How do you get rid of the dandelions?

  • Cut them with the lawnmower– looks good but the dandelions seeds are spread all over the lawn and the final state is worse than the original state. This is like having a tumor removed without seeking the cause.
  • Put weed killer on the lawn– this will kill the weeds but also toxifies the environment. This is like taking medication to heal a disease. It is treating the effect not the cause.
  • Pull the dandelion out by the root– this is getting to the cause so no more dandelions can grow.

Blockage in the Flow of the Energy of Life

  • The flow of the energy of life flows like a river.  Put blockages in the river and you get a flood on one side (autoimmune disease and allergies if it is the flow of life to the immune system), and a drought (recurrent infections and cancer) on the other side.

To heal you must bring these systems of the body back into balance. Priority is everything:

  1. Nervous system- brain, brainstem, hypothalamus sympathetic/parasympathetic
  2. Immune system (circulating nervous system)- WBCs  T cells, B cells
  3. Hormonal system- pituitary, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenals, ovaries/testes
  4. Respiratory system– the route to bring the oxygen into the body and remove CO2 and waste products from the body
  5. Vascular system- blood brings oxygen and food to every cell and removes CO2 and waste products
  6. Digestive system- if you do not digest- you become deficient and toxic
  7. Elimination system- toxins both endo and exo need to be removed
  8. Lymphatic system- 2/3rds of the WBC and sewer system for toxin removal
  9. Reproductive system– produces the hormones that maintain vitality
  10. Structural/Musculoskeletal system- coordinates movement in the body and protects the nervous system

Along with balancing the:

  1. Biochemistry of the body
  2. Mental/emotional state by balancing the neurotransmitters and releasing stored mental/emotional toxins


Everything in Life exists because of ENERGY.

  • Energy gives life to every cell in your body. There are four forms of energy that keep the human body healthy. Symptoms, conditions and diseases begin when the flow of this energy is blocked. If all forms of energy were unblocked then the body could do what God created it to do-it could HEAL. You cannot heal completely until all these forms of energy are unblocked.
  • Energy is the power to run the body and mind. This is the circuit breaker or fuse box in your house.
  • Once the power is turned on then you must learn how to keep it on. We teach you how to live the total health lifestyle. You cannot plug 20 things into one outlet, only 2 things or else you blow the fuse, you shut off the power.
  • The treatments turn the power on to all organs.
  • The teaching shows you how to keep the power on. Teaches you how not to blow the fuses.

You Must Unblock ALL Four Energy Sources in the Body to Heal

  1. Biochemical
  2. Bioelectrical
  3. Mechanical
  4. Mental/Emotional

Biochemical Energy

        1. Food

  • The God designed way to increase biochemical energy

        2. Herbs

  • Formulas to aid healing of organ/glands

        3. Oxygen

  • Your cells cannot exist without oxygen, your food cannot be burned into the energy you need to sustain health and healing without oxygen.  This nutrient is so vital that complete healing cannot occur until the cells, glands, organs and tissues are saturated with it.
  • Also according to Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg- “Deprive the cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous”.
  • Oxygen therapies are crucial to the healing of the body.

        4. Vitamins/ Minerals/Antioxidants

  • Intravenous Multivitamin/mineral therapy to support healing of the body until the digestive tract is healed.
  • Intravenous Vitamin C – One of the most powerful antioxidants to promote health and healing.
  • Intravenous Glutathione therapy- this antioxidant is critical in liver function, and liver function is most vital to health and healing.

        4. Toxicity

  • Endotoxins- from normal metabolism and die off reactions
  • Exotoxins- from air, food and water
  • Drugs- for emergency medical care, not long term health care. Our medical staff understands that medications can have between 7-500 side effects so we only prescribes medication that is absolutely necessary to minimize toxicity to the body in the healing process

Testing determines biochemistry

Bioelectrical Energy

        1. Bioelectricity-

  • Pulsed Electrical Magnetic Field Therapy- can help heal faster than normal

        2. Biophontic-

  • Living food
  • Living water
  • sunlight
  • Biophonic Pulsed Laser Therapy-recharges the batteries of the sick, inflamed cells

        3. Quantum Frequency Resonance-

  • Your cell phone works on quantum frequencies, so does your health. The healthcare of the future will be physics based.
  • Heart/Brain Entrainment-balances frequencies of organs/glands/tissues. Everything in the universe resonates at a particular frequency- light, sound, and every cell, organ, gland and tissue in you.
  • SEMB Therapy-custom quantum frequency formula

The Healthcare of the Future will be Quantum Physics based not Chemistry based

  • Quantum physics frequencies travel at 669,600,000 miles per hour. The speed of light.
  • Medications or chemistry signals travel at 3.11 miles per hour. The speed of diffusion in fluid.

       Quantum Physics Frequency Therapy-                   

  • Quantum Therapies are billions times faster and have no side effects.
  • Medications much slower and can have 7-500 side effects.
  • The oath of every doctor: First do no harm!

Mechanical Energy 

        NeuroVisceral Therapy

  • Can restore the normal organ/gland motion- life is motion/vibration, all organs can move 6-8 football fields of distance in 24 hours
  • Mechanical energy is transferred into electrical energy:  Piezo-electrical effect

Mental/Emotional Energy

        1. Brain/Mind/Body- biological conflict shock                                                                                                                                               

  • Each area in the brain can have a particular organ and emotion associated with it
  • Brain Map
  • Heart Brain Entrainment Therapy

       2. Releasing stored mental/emotional toxins with:

  • Heart Brain Entrainment Therapy
  • SEMB Formula
  • NeuroVisceral Therapy

Standard medicine focuses on just 1 of the 4 Energies that are required to heal the body and keep the body unblocked and in balance

Medicine works on the Biochemical Energy, but does not address the other three: Bioelectrical, Mechanical, Mental/Emotional

With this approach you may only get better 25% of the time. That does not include all the possible toxic reactions and side effects that can occur. This is the place of temporarily feeling better but not long lasting healing.

Our medical staff understands this and only uses medication in emergency situations. Instead we use food and herbs as medicine along with saturating the body with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants intravenously so they are directly absorbed into the body. Most people with health challenges- symptoms, conditions and diseases have very compromised digestion and assimilation. What this means is getting the necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants through the diet or through vitamin/mineral supplements is impossible. The only way to saturate the cells, organs, glands and tissues is through intravenous therapies. Once the digestive and eliminations systems have healed then and only then will the intravenous therapy no longer be necessary.

To heal you must focus on all 4 of the Energies that heal the body

  1. Biochemical-25%
  2. Bioelectrical-25%
  3. Mechanical-25%
  4. Mental/Emotional-25%

With this approach you can heal 100% of every organ, gland, system.

It is all up to YOU!

  • Do you want 25% temporary curing with possible complications and side effects that is given with standard medicine and standard medications prescribed that can have 7-500 side effects, knowing you are only treating the effects instead of the cause?
  • Or do you want that 25% of the biochemical energy to be with whole foods, herbs and tissue saturated intravenous vitamin, mineral and antioxidant therapies that have no side effects and can help the body heal when digestion is compromised?
  • Do you want 100%  healing with no complications or side effects because you are treating the biochemical, bioelectrical, mechanical and mental/emotional energies as natural as possible without toxic side effects, treating the cause and opening the door to the possibility of healing the effects, the symptoms, conditions and diseases you know of and the ones you don’t know of yet, because they have not been found yet?

Drug free and Doctor free

Once you turn the power on, all 4 energy sources in the body are unblocked not just one, then all you have to do is get all the chemicals and toxins out of the body (remember the priority in healing), balance the body’s biochemistry and live the total health lifestyle and then you can be symptom, condition and disease free, drug free and doctor free.

Imagine Your New Life

Image what a life of total health would be like: no symptoms, no conditions, no diseases, no medicines, no surgeries or doctors or hospitals, abundant energy, no pain in your body, you sleep soundly and wake up each day with energy, vitality and passion for what God has put into your heart. The ability to be calm, and at peace without any negative emotions no matter what happens in your day (calm in the midst of the storm). The ability to hear God’s voice clearly spoken into your heart, and to clearly know the difference between His voice and your mind.