Melinda Spencer

Melinda shares her healing journey with reoccurring breast cancer and colon cancer. After doing multiple rounds of chemotherapy along with a bilateral mastectomy the cancer once again returned. When Melinda started at Total Health Institute her white blood count was at 1.7 which is critically low. Melinda tell how it would always take many months to bring her white blood count up but within 3 weeks of treatment at Total Health Institute her white blood count was up to 4.9 in the normal range. This had never happened before and she was encouraged with her body healing so rapidly. Within the first month of treatment her energy returned and she really started to feel great. She told her oncologist that she did not want to do any scans because she would not do any more chemotherapy period.

Medical diagnosis before coming to Total Health Institute:

Reoccurring Breast Cancer and Stage 3 Colon Cancer.

Treatment to increase total health of body, mind and spirit:

Balanced the nervous system with neurohormonal therapy, and Heart-Brain Entrainment Therapy.

Balanced the hormonal system with neurohormonal therapy and balancing the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal axis or HPA axis.

Balanced the immune system with custom intravenous therapy, oxygen therapy, and custom supplemental micronutrient program.

Balanced the digestive system with neurovisceral therapy, enzyme therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, cold laser therapy, SEMB custom remedy, diet therapy to remove all allergens, removing brain and brainstem blockages to the digestive system.

Balanced the elimination and detoxification system especially the liver, colon, kidneys, bladder, lymph and blood systems with lymphatic drainage therapy and colon hydrotherapy and SEMB custom remedy.

Balanced the biochemistry in the body with specific supplemental micronutrient program along with custom diet therapy.

Balanced the mental/emotional state with Heart- Brain Entrainment Therapy, SEMB Remedy, teaching, classes and one on one training.


Melinda returned back to the oncologist after being on the program at Total Health Institute and he checked her tumor markers for breast cancer (CA27-29) and colon cancer (CEA).  To his amazement her tumor markers were all in the normal ranges with no medical treatment whatsoever but instead only participating in the treatment program at Total Health Institute. Melinda also told her oncologist that is feeling great and living life and enjoying it and would not take chemotherapy and be sick in bed for six months and then have another two years of chemo brain. Melinda is such a blessing to all she comes in contact with, spreading the good news that God is the healer and He designed us to heal naturally in body, mind and spirit.