Jackie Van Mieghem

Patient overview:

Jackie Van Mieghem and her husband Dennis share her journey of healing the root of her uterine, breast and intestinal cancers at Total Health Institute. Jackie refused to go to hospice but instead came to Total Health Institute to begin her healing journey back to total health.

Medical diagnosis before coming to Total Health Institute:

Intestinal cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer

Treatment to increase total health of body, mind and spirit:

  • Balanced the nervous system with neurohormonal therapy, neuroimmune reset therapy.
  • Balanced the hormonal system with neurohormonal therapy and balancing the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal axis or HPA axis.
  • Balanced the immune system with custom intravenous therapy, oxygen therapy, neuroimmune reset therapy and custom supplementation program.
  • Balanced the digestive system with neurovisceral therapy, enzyme therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, cold laser therapy, diet therapy to remove all allergens, removing brain and brainstem blockages to the digestive system.
  • Balanced the elimination and detoxification system especially the liver, gall bladder, colon, kidneys, bladder, lymph and blood systems.
  • Balanced the biochemistry in the body with specific supplementation along with custom diet therapy.
  • Balanced the mental/emotional state with neuroimmune reset therapy, SEMB energetic remedy, teaching, classes and one on one training.


Jackie did not give up when the medical system said there was no hope. She persevered and was blessed because of not quitting, or giving up. Jackie healed the root of her cancer and demonstrating her suffering produced perseverance and that perseverance produced character and that character produced hope and her healing. Jackie is on a health maintenance program at Total Health Institute to keep improving her health in body, mind and spirit.

(results may vary from person to person)