Charles Simpson

Patient overview:

Charles Simpson shares how he completely healed his aggressive prostate cancer at Total Health Institute after surgery did not resolve the cancer. The cancer just returned after the surgery and Charles did not want to toxify his body with chemotherapy so he decided to come to Total Health Institute and work on the cause of the cancer so that it would completely heal and not keep coming back.

Medical diagnosis before coming to Total Health Institute:

Prostate cancer

Treatment to increase total health of body, mind and spirit:

  • Balanced the nervous system with neurohormonal therapy, neuroimmune reset therapy.
  • Balanced the hormonal system with neurohormonal therapy, restoring normal sleep cycle and pattern, proper water consumption both type and amount.
  • Balanced the immune system with custom intravenous therapy, oxygen therapy, neuroimmune reset therapy, exercise program for immune strengthening and custom supplementation program.
  • Balanced the digestive system with neurovisceral therapy, enzyme therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, cold laser therapy, customized diet to remove all allergens, removing brain and brainstem blockages to the digestive system.
  • Balanced the elimination and detoxification system especially the liver, gall bladder, colon, kidneys, bladder, lymph and blood systems.
  • Balanced the biochemistry in the body with specific supplementation along with custom diet therapy.
  • Balanced the mental/emotional state with neuroimmune reset therapy, SEMB energetic remedy, teaching, classes and one on one training.


Charles healed his prostate cancer and every one of his urologist follow visits for the last two years has shown a PSA level of 0.01. Charles feels great and is very thankful that God led him to Total Health Institute so that he could heal the cause of his prostate cancer instead of just treating the effects with radiation and chemotherapy.

(results may vary from person to person)