Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and what are your qualifications to teach me about my health?

Dr. Keith Nemec, is an author, lecturer, and researcher in the field of body, mind, spirit health. Dr. Nemec has specialized in metabolic functional medicine and nutrition for the last 32 years. Dr. Nemec has his Fellowship and is Board Certified in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine; has a Fellowship and is Board Certified in Integrative Cancer Therapy through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Nemec is presently working on his combined Master’s/PhD in metabolic nutrition from the University of South Florida School of Medicine.  We at Total Health Institute have helped thousands of people restore their total health at the Total Health Institute in Wheaton, Illinois. People come to Total Health Institute from across the country and from around the world. One of our patients who flew in from Ireland and healed her ovarian/uterine cancer wrote this in her testimony of praise and thanksgiving:

Dear Doctor Nemec,
I cannot thank you enough for putting me on the road to Total Health – well, I know the Lord actually placed me on the road but you are the obedient instrument He is using to guide me on that path. The Seven Basic Steps have literally changed my life – physically, emotionally and spiritually. By the way, I know that I’m healed, but my family does not really understand that concept, so for their sakes, I have had some blood tests recently. You probably don’t know this – I had forgotten myself – that a year ago when I was diagnosed with cancer I was also diagnosed with osteoporosis. The doctors confirmed what I already know (and did not need any physical evidence to prove) that my body is healed from osteoporosis and of “aggressive” cancer.So, again Doctor Nemec and Laurie, I give thanks to God for you and His ministry through you.  My life has been deeply transformed, and, by His grace, I will remain, on the path on which God has put me – the path of continuing Total Health of body, mind and spirit…..why would I ever want to be anywhere else.
Much love and gratitude – Helen

(results may from person to person)

What we teach and how we treat at Total Health Institute comes from over 30 years of experience in treating patients with almost every possible health challenge. We are on the front lines helping people restore their total health and overcome their symptoms, conditions and diseases. We are NOT reading books on how to get healthy we are living the life and seeing it in action. The possibility of healing occurs in the work we do because we do it with a passion in our heart and we do it with all of our being. Once again we ask you, would you rather read all the books about getting healthy or just be in the presence and hear the words of someone who has done it thousands of times and can show you the quickest and most direct way to get the job done. It also can be analogous to getting an owner manual to learn how to use a computer vs. having someone who is an expert in computers sit down and show you step by step answering all your questions. What would take you years to do on your own by reading and trying to figure out with trial and error could be completed in hours if you have the right person showing you how to do it step by step and answering all your questions as they come up. This is who we are, and this is what we do at Total Health Institute.

We show you how to live the total health lifestyle and allow your body to heal in months which otherwise could have taken years or not have healed at all. The last analogy we would like to make is one we use frequently with our patients. It is that of climbing the mountain of total health. To be in total health is like climbing a mountain. Who can climb the mountain? Only a mountain climber. Why? Because he has the knowledge and the equipment. This is our job; to teach you how to climb the mountain of total health. We can give you our over 30 years of knowledge and experience in treating multitudes of patients, we can equip you for the journey, but we cannot climb the mountain for you. You must learn how to climb the mountain yourself otherwise you will never OWN your total health, but instead only be borrowing it for a time. Since we have climbed that mountain personally (overcoming life threatening disease), have done it for so many others, we can also show you how to climb the mountain step by step so you can one day OWN your total health as we do and it then can never be taken away from you. What do you mean when you say I can own total health?  It simply means you have walked through the symptoms, conditions and diseases and come out the other side being transformed by the journey and no longer fearful or ignorant of what the journey entails. Remember to own something you must go through the five stages:

  1. Ignorance
  2. Novice
  3. Competency
  4. Mastering
  5. Owning=Knowing that you know that you knowAt the ignorance stage someone does not even know they are on a journey. They are total unaware.A novice is someone who is just beginning to learn of the journey, they are now aware that there is and journey and they are on it. These are the baby steps first taken.

At the level of competency a person has walked enough of the journey to have seen some results; the changes made (living the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health™) have benefited them and they are aware of this. At this level they are getting more excited about the journey because they are seeing the fruit of their labor.
It takes about 1,000 hours of practicing a skill to develop competency in it. It takes less than that – perhaps 600 or 700 hours – if you have the advantage of good teaching. It will take someone about 700 hours to get through the teaching priorities eight times:

Most people are happy with competence. Once they know the basics they stop learning/practicing. This is not the place to stop just temporarily pass by on your way to the next stage of mastering. Competency means you can now walk the journey.
At the stage of mastering a person has all the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health™ down as a lifestyle and they do them everyday. They have become a routine and there is no question about what needs to be done, how to do it and then the action steps of doing it everyday of their life. At this stage benefits are seen in all areas not just the physical, but mentally and emotionally as well. This level takes up to 5,000 of learning/practicing which is 4,000 more hours than what is required at the competency stage. At the stage of mastering you can now run on the journey.

The final stage of ownership means not only have they mastered basic and advanced techniques but they have walked through the fire and have risked everything to follow what is in their heart. They have survived the heat and they now have extreme awareness in their area of testing or teaching. They also can help others in this area because they are the right frequency to entrain others toward ownership. When Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile, which was thought to be unbreakable, it wasn’t long before many were breaking the 4 minute mile because one had lead the way and shown that it could be done. This is the job of ownership, it is not only for you to stand strong and sure in the journey of life but also for you to lift up others who are on the same journey you are on.

At the final stage of ownership, you know that you know that you know.

As one of our patients shared in healing herself from metastatic breast cancer, “Today is a great day. Nothing special happened—not by the world’s standards—but today I know. I know that I know. I have a health challenge that is healing. I just know. No doctor has told me, yet I know.

(results may from person to person)

What are the three “I knows” of healing at the ownership stage:

  1. You know it in your heart-it is in you and it cannot be denied.
  2. You know it in your mind- you have renewed your mind (with the Right teaching) to what your heart already knows so the two are in agreement.
  3. You know it in your body- You can feel health returning in the body, just like a pregnant woman knows there is a child growing in her longer before there are any outwards signs.

Another one of our patients who healed herself of cancer described it best when she said “This weekend I felt healed! Today I still feel the same. It’s hard to describe. It’s energy—a lot of energy. It’s just knowing. It’s peaceful. It’s joy. It’s an excitement about living.”

(results may from person to person)

At the stage of ownership you can now fly on the journey, you are soaring on wings of eagles. Life is always sunny, beautiful and peaceful when you know how to fly above the storm clouds of whatever test or trial that has been set before you.

Is it possible to heal from any symptom, condition or disease?

The answer is found at the tip of your fingers. If you stick a pin in your finger what happens? It bleeds, then it clots then it drys/scabs, then it heals. Did you have to do anything to the finger? Did you pray? Did you think good thoughts, did you do anything at all? No. Why did it heal? Because there is healing that naturally flows like a river of life in the body that brings healing wherever it flows.
The flow of life flows like a river. Put blockages (dam up the river by dumping boulders) in the river and you get a flood on one side and a drought on the other side. Now if this was your immune system the flood in the immune system is called autoimmune disease (multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohns colitis, thyroiditis-Graves, Hasimoto, adrenalitis-Addisons, diabetes, hepatitis, nephritis, lupus, scleroderma), and allergies/sensitivities. A drought in the immune system is known as recurrent infections of all types (bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic), chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and cancer.

What does the high dosages of steroids do for the blockage in the flow of life to the areas affected by the autoimmune disease? Temporary relief! What does the surgery, chemotherapy and radiation do for the blockage in the flow of life to that organ, gland or tissue? Temporary relief!

It is treating downstream, not at the blockage itself. Is this always wrong? No, sometimes people need a bandaid but the real harm is thinking that you have healed from the cancer or any other disease when in actuality you have only temporarily put a bandaid on it.

This is important no matter what the health challenge is, because whether you are fighting cancer, chronic fatigue, a weight problem, or a pain syndrome, the body will not completely heal and rebalance with decreased or excessive energy flow to the glands and organs.

When you address your symptoms, conditions and diseases as a blockage in the river of life coming from the basic underlying cause of breaking the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health™ you can now begin on the Total Health journey of body, mind, emotions and heart.

Know that if a person has two weeks to live with advanced cancer and you cut that person’s finger it HEALS. If the finger heals why doesn’t the malignant tumor heal in the breast, or prostate, or colon, or lung? The answer is BLOCKAGE. There is no blockage of the flow of life to the finger but there can be blockage in the flow of life to the breast, the prostate, etc. Remove the blockage to any area of the body and it has the possibility to heal just like the finger does.

Can you help someone who cannot come to Total Health Institute for treatment?

This is our Stay at Home Program.

Am I a candidate for Dr. Nemec’s treatments?

Not all patients will be accepted into our program. Dr. Nemec  will make a determination of treatment acceptance after an initial consultation.

Will my insurance cover the treatments?

The services we render at Total Health Institute are not covered under insurance plans. We do offer various payment plans to help you afford treatment.

How much do your treatments costs?

It varies due to individual patient findings. After a thorough review of your case, Dr. Nemec  will determine the course of care for your specific case.