Disease Prevention

What is the Disease Prevention Program?

We created this program for those who want to work on their health and KNOW what systems are out of balance and to know what products will really make a change, and also to have a template to track their improvement. The Disease Prevention Program was not designed for those who have diagnosis’s or those with major health challenges but for those who know they need to start making some adjustments in diet, lifestyle and proper supplementation by taking the guess work out of what to do and what to take.

We do very specific testing in the Disease Prevention Program to give you a baseline of where you are starting so you know where you are in the Total Health scale.

Quantum Analysis

This analysis looks at the organ and gland imbalance from an energy point of view. If you saw your health as a flowing river of life or energy then this test can show you were the river is dammed up or blocked. We formulate a custom remedy called B.E.M.S. from this analysis that helps unblock this river of life and energy to help improve your health and the specific areas, organs and glands that are blocked. The B.E.M.S is customized to each organ, gland and system that is showing the energetic blockages. Dr. Nemec also checks the body to find out the right priority of imbalance in addressing the blockage in this flow of energy or also known as blockage in cellular communication.

Cellular communication is the key in health and healing. What do we mean by “cellular communication”?

Published in the Public Library of Science on Cellular Communication:

Information transfer is a fundamental of life. Cell populations use frequencies for cellular information transfer, which influences at least energy uptake, cell division rate and growth correlation. A cellular communication system, which is different from a molecule-receptor-based system hints that photon-triggering is a fine tuning principle in cell chemistry.

Information transfer is a life principle. On a cellular level we generally assume that molecules are carriers of information, yet there is evidence for non-molecular information transfer. Cells can influence each other without using a molecular signal.  This means that not all cellular processes are necessarily based on a molecule-receptor recognition. The non-molecular signals are most probably photons. If so, cells use more than one frequency for information transfer and mutual influence. Biophoton research is a non-invasive method that can give us valuable insights into non-molecular regulation of the life processes. If we can devote significant effort into this area of research we may one day develop non-invasive application technology with a fundamental impact into the nature of healthcare and medicine.

Published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Science:  Research revealed that energetic signaling mechanisms such as electromagnetic frequencies are one hundred times more efficient in relaying environmental information than physical signals such as hormones, neurotransmitters, growth factors

At Total Health Institute we have developed a ‘Systems Sequence Approach” to balance cellular communication between the cells, tissues, organs, glands and systems of the body.

It is like knowing the combination to open the lock to complete healing. To open this lock you must not only know the right systems to
balance but the right sequence.

For example if the problem is insomnia, the communication sequence might be (and this is different for every person):

  1. Hormonal system was over stimulated by some stress causing cortisol, the stress hormone to increase. When cortisol increases, melatonin the sleep hormone proportionally decreases.
  2. Next the high cortisol level  caused inflammation in the digestive system  and these inflammatory byproducts
  3. caused the detoxification system to overload so the liver could not clear all the high cortisol.
  4. Finally the high cortisol affected the nervous system producing a neurotransmitter imbalance in the brain that manifested as insomnia.

So the insomnia was not the problem at all, the hormonal system stress was the source.

This is where our experience picks the right choice. 

The second part of the quantum analysis is evaluating the mind and emotional blockages also from an energetic or cellular communication perspective. Once these have been isolated then another custom remedy called S.E.M.B. is made to unblock these areas of imbalance or to balance the energetic cellular communication. S.E.M.B has been helping people remove the mind-body blockages for over 20 years. We have had patient shrink tumors, balance blood sugar, stop pain, overcome depression, and stop panic attacks just to name a few. (results may vary from person to person)

In health and healing there are two avenues that blockages or imbalances eventually lead to symptoms, conditions and diseases. The first is a body-mind route and the second is mind-body route. You might be thinking that these sound like the same thing but I assure you they are not.

Let us explain:

If you take in a chemical or a toxin what does it do?  It throws the liver out of balance. Once the liver is overloaded then the chemical or toxin can spill over into general circulation and cause inflammation and early cell death in any gland or organ in the body. What does this mean to you? It means possible symptoms, conditions and then diseases. What else does the chemical or toxin in the body do? When the liver gets overburden it has and emotional link that can trigger a response of anger. Each organ in the body can have an emotional connection. I realized this early in my thirty years of treating patients when the first patient that I put on a liver detoxification program came in the next day saying how angry he was and he did not know why, nothing had changed in his life. This was one of those “AH HA” moments for me.

So always remember what you do to your body, you do to your mind and what you do to your mind you also are doing to your body.

Now let us look at the mind- body connection. Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer oncologist in Germany discovered that it is the mind and traumatic stress that can trigger inflammation in specific areas in the brain which also can correspond to specific glands and organs in the body. He found that mental/emotional stress or trauma in a sense “blows a fuse” in a specific part of the brain that can be seen on a brain scan. Each area of the brain has can be associated with an organ/gland/ tissue or body part that is the outward sign of the stress “blown fuse” in the brain.

Dr. Hamer, while in practice, had a high success rate in treating cancer and other disease. This awareness of the mind-body connection consisted of getting patients to realize that their disease was a product of believing a lie and once that lie was revealed and truth replaced it, the patient’s disease would heal.  The amazing truth is that the body can naturally heal if the stress or traumatic event is resolved.

Some the major areas of the body that are affected by this mind-body stress are:

Lungs may be associated with fear of death

Breast may be associated with a fear of separation with a spouse, child, mother or home

Colon may be associated with holding on to something or someone that you need to let go of

Liver may be associated with any held and not released anger.  Also anger because someone who does not belong has entered your territory or home.

Kidneys may be associated with fear of not being able to exist, fear of losing everything, fear of being alone

Ovary/testicle– may be held on to grief from loss of spouse, family member, loved one, friend, even  pet.

Thyroid– may be feeling powerless in a situation

As you can see the only way to be all that God created you to be is to balance your body-mind connection and also balance your mind-body connection. When they are both in balance then your health can be a complete cycle of balanced energy flow which we call BALANCED CELLULAR COMMUNICATION. This is the purpose of the custom remedies B.E.M.S. and S.E.M.B..

Cost of the Disease Prevention Program is $1030 for initial testing

Quantum Analysis– $400

Microscopic Blood Analysis-$100

60 Point Comprehensive Blood Analysis-$530

Remedies and products are not including in the initial testing.