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Natural Treatments for Type-2 Diabetes

November 6th, 2012 by Dr. Keith Nemec

Diabetes affects more than 20 million Americans, with more than 90% of that figure having type-2, or non-insulin dependent, diabetes.  Diabetes is, at its most basic, a sugar imbalance in the blood stream. Natural sugars, in the form of glucose, provide energy to the body’s cells. Insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas, controls blood-glucose Read the entire post…

Thyroid Treatment – Health and Healing

April 22nd, 2011 by Dr. Keith Nemec

There is a disturbing trend we observed concerning thyroid treatment. Most thyroid sufferers are treated exactly the same! This is the first problem because no two people react the same, especially with endocrine dysfunction. Your thyroid gland is your gland of metabolism which means it is like the furnace in your house used to keep Read the entire post…

Diabetes Link With Cancer

February 25th, 2011 by Dr. Keith Nemec

A large study of Japanese adults found those with diabetes were more likely to develop cancer, especially of certain organs such as the pancreas and liver. Men with diabetes in the study of nearly 98,000 people were 27 percent more likely than non-diabetics to be diagnosed with cancer, the study by the National Cancer Center Read the entire post…